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Share the very best of our countryside

Grand Fermage represents engaged farmers as stewards of the land & environment who provide the very best milk for our cheese

Our Camembert

Our Grand Fermage camembert is made with 100% French milk from our farmers and a French cheese making know-how

GMO & rBST free         No preservatives      No artificial colors/flavors


Net weight: 2 sizes 4.4oz/8.5oz

Wrap your camembert in alumimum foil, include walnuts and cranberries and place it on your barbecue

Camembert crispy medallions

Net weight: 3.53oz

Palm Oil & Preservative free

Quick & ready to use as an appetizer or as an added treat in a salad

Camembert snack – cheese wedges

Net weight: 8.5oz (8x 1.06oz)

Ideal for anyone’s lunchbox

Accompanied with your favorite cracker as a delicious snack

Perfect to be drizzled on a salad or pizza

Our Butter

Grand Fermage uses a long-standing French tradition and butter-making knowledge producing a richer taste, soft texture and naturally produced yellow hue.

Our butters contain additional butterfat compared to its American counterpart making them the most sought after butter worldwide

Unsalted butter

Made in France

Net weight: 7.05oz

Salted Butter

Made in France

Net weight: 7.05oz

Unsalted Butter made in France

Net weight: 2.2Lb

Ideal for home bakers

Frozen unsalted butter sheet

84% fat

Made in France

Net weight: 2.2Lb

Designed for culinary professionals

Consistent and top performer for high quality croissants


Frozen Unsalted Butter sheets

82% Fat

Made in France

Net weight: 2.2Lb

Nutty taste, high plasticity & meting point

Very good plasticity and high melting point

The Conviette Butter

La Conviette, made in the Charentes-Poitou region of France, comes in an elegant individual wrapper. It has a unique taste, soft texture and cream color.





Made in France

Net weight: 1.32 Lbs/5 trays /40 pieces 0.53oz/15g


Made in France

Net weight: 1.32 Lbs/5 trays /40 pieces 0.53oz/15g

Hudson Valley Creamery
2986 US Route 9
Hudson, NY, 12534-4407
Phone: 518-851-2570


How to access our dairy products?

Soignon, Couturier & Capra brands – Distributed By Norseland Inc.
3 Parklands Drive, Suite 102
Darien, CT 06820

IQF Cheese and Butter Range:
Distributed by White Toque Inc.
11 Enterprise Ave N
Secaucus, NJ 07094

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